World's Best Workforce

World's Best Workforce Plan

Our Worlds Best Work Force Plan is intended to keep community members of District 2071 accurately informed of the Districts continuous improvement. It is the goal of District 2071 to prepare each student to be career and college ready. 


District Advisory Committee
A.  2018-19 District Advisory Committee Members

District Reporting Requirements

A.  World’s Best Workforce Summary 2021-22
B.  Annual Budget to Sustain the World’s Best Workforce Plan
         1.  District RevExp Budget FY 2122
C.  Clearly Defined District/Site Goals
         1.  2019 LCWM District Staff Development Goals
D.  System to Review and Evaluate the Effectiveness of All Instruction and Curriculum
         1.  Strategic Plan 2017-2020
E.  Gifted and Talented
         1.  Process to Assess and Identify Students
         2.  Acceleration Procedures for Academic Acceleration
         3.  Early Admission to Kindergarten and First Grade
F.  Access to Excellent and Diverse Teachers
G.  Teacher Evaluation Plan: Tenure and Non-Tenure

H.  Early Learning – School Readiness
         1.  School Readiness Annual Report
I.  District Advisory
J. Staff Development Report 2018-19
K.  Advisory Meeting and School Board Study Session: World’s Best Workforce Plan

District World's Best Workforce Plan Components and Activities

A.  Title 1 Part A Plan
B.  Integration Plan ; Achievement and Integration Revenue Report
C.  LCWM K-3 Literacy Plan

Performance Measures

A. LCWM District Testing Schedule for 2022-23

Measurements to Assess Progress

A.  Improving Student Learning and Leadership Around College, Career, and Community Readiness
        1.  Vision Card A 2020-21

Minnesota Department of Education

A.  Link to the Minnesota Department of Education website